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Painting the Loquat in Sumi-e

The loquat is an evergreen, and can be considered a large shrub or small tree, growing about 12-15 feet tall. The leaves are long and pointy, dark green and thick, with a serrated edges. The sweet-smelling flowers appear in the

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Wisteria Painting in Sumi-e

Down the street from us is a yard filled with wisteria that wanders along the fences. Painting wisteria is delightful. The sweet smell of wisteria, the graceful fall of the leaves, the thick cascades of lavender flowers, the curl of

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The Four Treasures: Ink, ii

This really is my home-made video debut.  For my birthday, I got a Kodak Zi8.  I’ve never shot a video in my life.  It’s been in the back of my mind for some time to try to create videos on

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The Four Treasures: Brush, ii

Quite some time ago, I wrote about brushes used in Asia.  As I am beginning Saturday morning Japanese language classes, I am in conflict with time and distance in being able to attend my Chinese painting class.  I’ll just have

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Shozo Sato: Renaissance Man

Every now and again, someone in the public will catch your eye because of your interests.  Shozo Sato is one of those individuals who has come into my life over the years.  I have never met him, but as an

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A Shot or Two
From the Mountain Top


Pepper Tree in the Late Afternoon

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