Skep: Put a Bee in Your Bonnet!

If you have never done the mosaic knitting technique, you can try it with this easy hat.  Mosaic knitting uses slipped stitches in combination with knitting and purling to create colorful, textured patterns.  There is no need to carry two colors of yarn as each round is done using only one color.  If you have never tried this technique, this is the perfect project.

In addition to using mosaic knitting technique, the foundation round is done with i-cord.

Total amounts of yarn needed are less than two ounces of each color.  Hat size is for a medium, but size can be increased or decreased by adding or subtracting stitches in multiples of ten.

If you want to read a bit about this hat, which is named after the the bee hive it looks like, feel free to click here.

Price:  $4.00


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