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A classical mitten, this one made me think of spider webs strung between leaves.  Or, snowflakes in a pine wood.

Anyway, as Arachne is famous in the world of weaving, and the colors here are reminiscent of snow and new leaves, the name came about.  You, of course, can change the season, or even time of day for Arachne, depending on the colors you choose.  In fact, Arachne could be doing anything!

These mittens are snug-fitting, and require the ability to carry yarn and do stranded knitting.  In the thumb area, especially, an easy hand when catching long floats is necessary, otherwise the gusset will be puckered.

As far as size goes, these mittens fit me, but there is nothing to prevent you from changing the number of rounds, or number of pattern repeats, yarn weight or needle size to get you what you need.  This is noted in the pattern.

Price:  US $4.00

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