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Maria’s Story

The world is an odd place, and the internet has made it considerably smaller, yet bigger, since I was kid.  For example – and to younger people this may sound funny – when I was in school, formal essays were … Continue reading

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Another Look at the Nikon 1 System

When the V1 came out a few years ago, I thought it looked good; when its price dropped drastically, it looked really, really, good, and I bought one. It came with 10-30mm and 30-110mm lenses. Since then I have added … Continue reading

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Spring Evening

Anyone living in an arid climate longs for rain.  With the rain comes new growth and pungent smells.  Little flowers, clusters of flowers, big flowers, grasses, vines, new leaves, flowering trees.  This greenery lasts for a very short period, and … Continue reading

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I don’t tend to photograph people, preferring the outdoors and flowers.  However, people watching is a great past time, and getting portraits, candid or otherwise, of family or strangers, shows the diversity of the world in a face.

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Train Ride

Trains are not a common form of transportation where I live.  To go anywhere, you get in the car.  Fortunately, some thought has been given to how the area I live in was planned; it did not “just grow” (like … Continue reading

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Some Yarn at Last, or, Asta Sollilja

Beginning mid-December, I started this sweater, designed by Kate Davies, and available in her book Yokes.   Asta Sollilja is a sweater derived from traditional Icelandic sweaters, but with waist-shaping (not that I have much of one!) and short rows to make … Continue reading

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N LEG Now ON loved sweet MLE, And quite B9 was F8 B4 he did with NRG SA to AV8. He flew with EZ XTC, Nor NE did XL; A B caused him one day, ah me! 2 DV8, he … Continue reading

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