Traveling Light with Photography

I am finding myself in a bit of a dilemma.

My laptop took a bit of a dump, and I really don’t feel like messing around with it.  However, it is a very important piece of equipment when traveling and taking digital photos – I need to store my images somewhere.  Basically, it is a system running Windows 8.1, and when I fired it up a couple of weeks ago, it wouldn’t start properly.  Eventually I managed to roll back the system to Windows 8.0.  Upgrades to 8.1 failed multiple times, so now I have a laptop that I really don’t feel I can rely on to deliver.

So, the dilemma.  Do I invest in a new laptop?  Should I take a chance on the Windows 8.0 system?  Do I take an old and very slow one for the trip, and hope for the best?  Or, is there some way, using my Chrome Book and the Cloud, or an external HD, to back up my SD cards?

I need to back up my SD cards – I take too many pictures.  Buying oodles of SD cards seems rather dumb, and potentially expensive.

I have small external HD I used on my questionable laptop . . . . so this afternoon, when I get home from work, I plan to take a camera, take some pictures – maybe a lot of them – and connect it to the Chrome Book.   The external HD will be in the other USB port.  And then let’s see how the transfer works out.  I might be able to use a USB flash drive instead – and it will be smaller in size than the external HD.

I expect it may be horribly slow.  And, I will not be too happy.

Another option is to use a cloud-based storage system, but I need to find out about that one.

And I also need to look at one of our old laptops from 1732.  Considering we are leaving in 10 days, I better get my ass in gear.


9 thoughts on “Traveling Light with Photography

  1. Jim Grey

    My main computer just took a dump. Hard drive failed after six years of service. $80 for a new drive, $8 for a thumb drive onto which I copied (from a different computer) the Windows installer from Microsoft, and in a few hours total I was back.

  2. -N- Post author

    Hey Jim – thanks for coming by and the info on the HD for a main computer. Unfortunately, this is my laptop which has taken a dump, and I don’t think I can replace the HD on it at all. A partition on it will bring it back to the original Win 8.0 state, but I have tried to upgrade it to 8.1 twice, and both times I had to roll it back to 8.0. The model of the laptop does not migrate to Win 10 at all – tried that, and then the manufacturer made a public doc available that states the same. It’s rather sad, as it is a nice computer – but I dislike 8.0 and don’t know if this failure is going to prove to be a problem should I try to use it on a “serious” level. So frustrating! Desktops are soooooo much easier to remove faulty parts from and replace with new ones. Wah!

  3. -N- Post author

    Yeah . . . dilemma indeed! But, it does push one to explore other avenues for photo editing . . . stay “tooned” as you like to say. 😉

  4. Anne Sandler

    Hi -N- this suggestion might be coming a bit late, but you could upgrade to Windows 10. I haven’t had any problems with it. Hope you enjoy your vacation.

  5. -N- Post author

    Hi Anne – the laptop is not compatible with Win 10, or it would be there! Thanks for the suggestion. We tried Win 10 when it was possible to get for free and the entire thing crashed. Later, the company that makes the laptop issued a statement stating what we found out the hard way.

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