10 Years of Photography

Taken in 2003 at the Monterrey Bay Aquarium with an Olympus C3000Z

I have been digging through my archives of photography and am surprised to see I have been doing it for 10 years.  I didn’t even think about this until I saw I had been on Flickr since 2007.  That time has gone by so fast!

I picked up the photography habit with a friend, who later loaned me his Nikon D70 for nearly a year.  Until then, I had simple point-and-shoot digital cameras, and complete fiascos with film cameras (back before digital) as I had no idea how to take pictures.  I figured a good camera was all I needed.  Not true!  I have a lot of pictures of the backsides of deer which are evidence of my lack of knowledge on how to get a good picture.  I like to think I have improved since then!

The only formal education I ever had – in a classroom, for a grade – was in 2003 when I was laid off from a job.  I took a film photography class that summer, and it was an eye-opener.  I used a film camera my husband had from high school, a 50mm lens, and access to a darkroom at the local community college to develop and print black and white film.  I loved it – and hated it.  Most important, it taught me a lot about photography, though I really didn’t grasp the relationship between iso-f/stop-exposure until I had the ability to do endless experiments with a good digital camera (the D70) which allowed for exploration into those factors.  By exploring those, I have learned I prefer f/stops for my main image control, as DOF is, to me, an extremely important photography element.  Only when the light shifts do I change time and iso as priorities.

Photography is an art, but it is still not my go-to preference.  But, when I look back, I can see what I do enjoy about it.  Memories of times past, seeing how people change over the years (like my husband!), and just how lucky I was to get some pictures, and how much I’ve learned.  Because I am such a gotta-be-doing-something-with-my-hands person, the darkroom – the film darkroom – was a great place.  The digital darkroom is not my favorite place because you sit and play at the computer.  Still, I appreciate it – there is a lot which can be done easily in the digital darkroom (digital dungeon?) which is not so easily done in the physical darkroom.


4 thoughts on “10 Years of Photography

  1. Jim Grey

    I had a similar experience — I didn’t get the mechanics of photography until I had a decent digital camera that let me experiment endlessly “for free!”

  2. -N- Post author

    You have to love the freebies of digital. The sad part of digital, though, is the fact that once the batteries are no longer replaceable, the camera is worthless. At least with film – all manual – you can still use the camera while the film is still manufactured. I can use cameras from the 20s, but not the earlier digitals. Sad . . .

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