Friday Morning

Spring Break ends today.  I go back to work tomorrow.  Friday, a friend came over around sunrise, and we headed out to the local open space, Wildwood, which encircles the city where I live.  It’s a wonderful place, especially in spring when the flowers bloom.  As I have said before, California has had a drought for the past 6 years, but this year our rainy season was phenomenal (by desert standards).  The result is that things are green and growing, instead of the dreary brown, brown, brown.  The fields and hills are covered with a lot of wildflowers, in yellow and purples primarily, with so many different ones it is hard to remember all their names.  Some, though, include wild morning glory, mountain sunflower, allium, fiddleneck, red stem filaree, lupine, lacey phacelia, and blue dicks.


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