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Getting Back Into

April 24, 2016

Last post was about finding the right word.  That word is integrity.  In art or life, it means an adherence to a principle; of being complete.  My life for the past year has been lived in gasps.  Returning to breathing means living to do things, to be, to become, to live, etc. . . . all those silly things which stop seeming silly once you realize they have slowly – or rapidly – vanished.  I don’t want to take my life for granted, nor feel as if there are only three days a week in which to live – if existing can be called living – as the other four were all blacked out to simply go to work.

And so, integrity is beginning to return to my life.  I’ve been doing, which for me is how I choose to live.  I’m not quite like Descartes:  I think, therefore I am.  Me:  I do, therefore I am.

Ok, so what’s been happening?  This has been happening:

  • coloring
  • writing
  • hiking
  • exercising
  • creating new dishes in the kitchen
  • following recipes
  • calling up friends
  • visiting friends
  • photography – film and digital
  • post-processing images
  • reading
  • knitting
  • sewing
  • finishing things!

This morning, a hike, up and down steep hills, pausing to enjoy the lushness of a California spring – green hills, flowers, blue skies, butterflies, birds.

The pleasure of simply being alive is simply wonderful!  In between, I have been going to work.  😉

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