I Forget About My Phone . . .

Usually, I take my cell phone with me, set so I don’t hear it ring. I bring it for emergencies, not because I want to text friends or take calls or listen to spammers or check my email or the stock market. It’s a practical tool. I forget about it unless there is something I want from it. And I forget that it has a respectable camera on it – the Samsung Galaxy 5 is not a slouch of a camera, and I even have VSCO on it as my primary editor. When I want to, I use it.

Yesterday, out on The Trail for the Blind here in town, early in morning, I was wishing I had my camera with me – so many beautiful things to see in the morning sun. And, as I was looking, hands in pockets (it was only 44F!), the answer to my desires appeared in my hand. Rather magical on a magical morning!


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