Film . . .

I am beginning to really enjoy taking pictures with film these days.

Autumnal Grasses-1

As I’ve said, in my early days of photography – back in the 80s when digital didn’t exist – my experiences were all really bad.  I had no training and no idea what to do.  Maybe it is because my own family didn’t take pictures, so my experience with photography was very, very limited.  I had no idea what made a good picture as far as composition, and no idea how to make a good exposure.  Hundreds of dollars in printed ugliness was no reward, but the best deterrent!


Enter the digital camera, some classes, lots of reading, and now I think I can go out and take a few shots in film without screaming at the results.  One reason is I can get digital images, rather than prints.  Costs are $10 – $11 / roll of film.  I have my own scanner.  Now, I am learning how to shoot film, such as lowering the iso for richer color and better contrast.  I am learning how to use my software to do post production, which may seem like cheating, but it is simply a digital vs. chemical darkroom.  Film still retains the quality of film, even if digitized – at least, it seems to me it does!


One of the most fun things about film is trying out different types of film, and finding ones I like.  I have tried Tri-X, T-Max, Superia, Rollei Crossbird, UltraMax, Ektar, and have a few others.  It’s really cool.  Developing B&W is going to happen with greater frequency, and later, developing color.

Trees & Rocks-1

What have I gotten out of this?  Patience with composition.  Appreciation of digital and analog film processes.  A sense of success.  And a whole hell of a lot of fun!


2 thoughts on “Film . . .

  1. smackedpentax

    These photos are great! I started out with film and an old Praktica in the 70’s – built a darkroom in the spare bedroom and processed tri-x and FP4, and later progressed to E6 and Cibachrome. I still have a Cibachrome print of 2 pears I did hanging on my living room wall in a frame. The colours ars still as vibrant as they were when I printed them 35 years ago. There is a photo shop near where I work shich only sells old film cameras – I pass it often and stop in for a nosey. One day I am going to buy one and shome film and developer and see what happens…

  2. -N- Post author

    Thanks for the compliments! I did a bit of post on them – they were underexposed per the lab – it’s a real photo lab! – so they guy suggested to expose the film at 320 instead of recommended 400 in the next round. I’m glad I am giving film a shot – it’s really satisfying in many ways, more so now that I think I can actually take a picture. (That’s where digital is great! No paying for rolls and rolls of awful pictures.)

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