Developing My First Roll of Film at Home!

This adventure began this summer, and only now did I finally get around to developing my first roll of black and white film (Ilford HP5, 400 iso) at home. I was tooooooo scared!


On the dining room table, on a towel and metal tray, the chemicals and such were laid out. I practiced loading the reel and placing it in the developing tank multiple times. I have a developing bag that I bought, and it, as you may know, replaces the need for a dark room. I found that if I closed my eyes and focused on touch, things were much easier. Of course, when a dog barks suddenly, it does get a little stressful.

The directions I followed were from Peter at, and while my water out of the tap was a little warmer, I am hoping that there is a bit of latitude when it comes to temperature and time.  My husband also helped out, sort of supervising the “now do this!  now do that!” part of it – the first time doing anything is a challenge, no matter how many times you rehearse, eh?

So, now, I have film hanging in the shower stall, drip drying until later this afternoon or early evening, which is when I will scan it to see what I got.


What excitement to pull out the developed roll! I can see that I got photos – there is contrast, so that means something worked right . . . on this roll, I used the Werra along with green, yellow, and orange filters to see how they affect contrast. Feeling the film, it is not tacky, which means the chemicals were good, too.

So, I leave you with this hint below . . . and will show you the results after I scan them. Stay tuned!



3 thoughts on “Developing My First Roll of Film at Home!

  1. -N- Post author

    It is exciting . . . developed film in a photography class years ago. This was a first for sure! Cannot wait to scan it.

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