Bilious Green Horrors


A nightmare of green.

This is Rollei Crossbird Creative Edition film. It sounded interesting. In a green-ish landscape, it is a nightmare of greens. This looks like something designed to torture.

91260005 91260012 91260035 RCCE - Trees 1 (1 of 3)

As you can see, with too much green it only devolves into creepiness.

But, if you have reds in the image, suddenly it becomes interesting.

RCCE - On the Table (1 of 1)

RCCE - The Bar (1 of 1)

RCCE - In the Surfboard Museum (1 of 1)

I actually rather like these. These are straight out of C41 processing.

But the nightmares can be changed into something – better? different? more interesting? artistic?

RCCE - Trees 1 (3 of 3)

RCCE - The End of Summer (2 of 2)

RCCE - Door & Mirror (1 of 1)

Oaks & Pathway - Sunflower Fields - Topaz Restyle

Yes, I think so. I used my own presets in LR, Topaz Restyle, and a few other things.

Conclusion: This film is weird, but that is what it is supposed to be. I bought it because it was an experiment. It tweaks the mind. Also, a lot of the photos, I actually like, and wish I could turn them into something more normal.

I shot this with my Nikon FM2n and 50mm f1.4mm AIS lens.


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