I Needed a Change!

I have just written about how I am disgusted by becoming obsessed with photography.  What that means is that I don’t like getting so focused on one thing that everything else I like to do takes second, third, or some place down the road.  Life then becomes – for me – rather dull and quite uninteresting.  And way too focused.  It becomes a trap.

I don’t like thinking of only one thing at a time.  I like being in different areas of interest in my head, and in my daily life.  It keeps everything in balance.  Creativity is an energy which can become quite wonky if not properly directed.  It becomes a chore, and downright unpleasant when decisions are not being able to be made.  Stagnation then sets in.  And frustration.  And so on.

To break this up, this is what I have been doing these last few days:

Other Things to Do (5 of 11) Other Things to Do (3 of 11)Other Things to Do (10 of 11)

Other Things to Do (9 of 11)Other Things to Do (7 of 11)


2 thoughts on “I Needed a Change!

  1. I have to say you are correct. Sticking to one things is quite dull, but I find photography as an off button in my life. Everything stop for that moment and I’m finally free for those three hours. Though if given too much thought and seriousness it becomes almost forced and frustrating.

  2. The expression “variety is the spice of life” is what came to mind for me once I started getting into my other hobbies. Suddenly, life got interesting and exciting, and photography did too – again! So, now I am doing a bit of this and a bit of that, and much happier and creative for it.

    Thanks for coming by – appreciate your thoughts and comments. –N

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