Another Sunday Hike


Another weekend hike!  This one was a surprise to me – sort of like a kidnap party where you don’t know where you are going to end up.  I get picked up, and off we drive.  I knew we would be going somewhere in the next town over, Simi, but not the specifics.

Pano 4

We ended up in Tapo Canyon, which leads into the Santa Monica mountains north of the city.  Another dirt road with beautiful oak trees, wild grasses, and little if any poison oak.  About a mile or so in, the flat dirt road gives way to a short, but steep, climb.  No trees, just grassy hills so typical of the southern California landscape.


The view from the top of the saddle looked into another valley, and down into the one we had just climbed out.  We could have continued, but not wanting to spend the whole morning hiking – or the whole day as who knows where the trail would come out! – we turned around and headed back to the car.


Downhill is different that up hill, just as in is different than out.  Viewpoints change.  All of this makes for interesting photography opportunities.  For me, the most fun was seeing two different snakes, one short and stripped, another longer and mottled, both scuttling away into the grasses as we came down the hill.  Luckily, no rattlers!


And this is all part of the art of living, eh?


2 thoughts on “Another Sunday Hike

  1. I am in Ventura County, which is rather large. Simi is on one side of the county, and the city of Ventura is on the coast. Where are you?

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