Hiking: Happy Camp Canyon


My friend Rashelle and I have made a pact, which, for now, I expect we will be able to keep: Go hiking every Sunday morning! Last week we went up through a bit of Wildwood, here in Thousand Oaks, and this morning we went to Happy Camp Canyon, located in the Santa Monica Mountains outside of Moorpark, California.

Eucalyptus TreesPPro_HDR 1

Getting there we got lost, ending up in a canyon on the other side of the hills.  There we found avocado groves, a road in bad repair, and old eucalyptus trees for windbreaks.  We figured out we were in the wrong area when we asked a gentleman, who very kindly gave us better directions than the ones I had copied.

Road 1bHappy Camp Canyon is very flat, which makes for easy hiking.  The scenery is fading a bit from the flowering we had after our few rains, but still lovely.  The hills are amazingly golden and green, with sunflowers and yucca and mustard dotting the fields and hills.  A few oak trees dot the landscape, along with tobacco bush and other native plants.  Birds were all over, and in the quiet, unafraid to sing or fly from tree to bush.

Oak Tree 2

Morning walks outdoors, amongst the flora and fauna of California, beats the pavement of suburbia.  End this with some coffee and nosh at a good coffee shop, and Sunday is a great day!


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