Backward in Time

Canon Canonet QL17 G-III

A few years ago I thought I would give film photography with a rangefinder camera a shot. It was a complete failure. The reason is I am not too sure about using this camera, much less if it really works for me. I may be better off with a regular film camera, one which uses the lens itself to focus. Consequently, I bought a used Nikon FM2n on eBay – it should arrive in a few days. However, I do intend to master this rangefinder.

This Canonet is a really cool little camera, but focusing it just drives me crazy. I can use a split-screen focusing ring very easily, but this one is different. There are little squares in the viewfinder that sorta need to line up. On top of that, if you don’t get your fingers out of the way, you might end up with one in the picture that you never saw while making your exposure.

Well, I printed out the manual and will re-read it. Then I will practice focusing it. Finally, I will load up some film and see what happens. I have some Kodak Professional Portra 400 to putz with.


2 thoughts on “Backward in Time

  1. angelinahue

    I’ve never used a Canonet and my only RF experience has been with a Voigtlander. I’ve been told that the Canonet is easy to use. I’ll find out soon (had bought one recently)!

  2. -N- Post author

    The Canonet is my only rangefinder experience. I was used to split-screen prisms. When I first got it, I was frustrated no end because the focusing is so different, and I never trusted my eyes as to when the focusing was “clear.” So, I shelved it. I have now gotten it out, and found that the exposure meter only works in the auto mode. So, using my light meter and my D7K, I am finding out about exposures to use and will see if they work. Hope to get the film developed this weekend – just gotta find a 1-hour photo shop!

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