A Pause Between Seasons


Fall is coming; you can feel it:  the air is cooler, the light is more gentle.  Where trees lose their leaves, the season can be filled with color.  Here, where I live, the color change is not so apparent.  From summer on, the hills can become very brown, and the plants are adapted to dry climates.  Colors do not tend to be riotous.


Nonetheless, there are subtle changes.  Some leaves change colors gradually, an orange one here and there, turning brown, and falling off one at a time.

Tulip Tree Signed

Occasionally, one finds trees which are spectacular, such as the tulip tree in my front yard – it is a brilliant orange and yellow display with a suddenly naked tree.

Flower & Fruit

Other plants bear fruit, while they continue to flower.  And others drop their flowers before they drop their leaves.

Fallen Flowers

Suburban southern California is home to both native plants, and plants from all over the world, but each plant has its season to grow and reproduce.  The beauty of nature is found if one takes the time to look.


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