Looking Elsewhere


The visual elements of life never cease to intrigue me. Returning to painting – albeit more sporadically than I care for – reminds me of this. And this pulls into photography. Because I just purchased the Nikon FT-1 attachment for my Nikon 1 camera. I am now able to attach all my F-mount lenses to this small camera. I have a lovely older lens, an Elicar 55mm macro, which is capable of a 1:1 ratio. Given the crop factor of the Nikon 1, this multiplies my 55mm into about a 150mm equivalent.

Yesterday, having noodled around most of the day, I set up a vase of flowers and misted them with water. Then I started taking pictures. Even with LED lights, it was not easy to do because the light was fading, and I was outdoors. I needed my tripod. Nonetheless, I did get some good pictures. The bright colors were really satisfying – the pinks came out just beautifully, as can see in the picture above.

Using the same lens and camera, a few days earlier, after the sprinklers stopped, I took some pictures of my roses. Large water droplets covered the roses, and this white one, in particular, was really pretty. (FYI, it’s a Pope John Paul II, which is a mix of some white rose and Double Delight – and it has a lovely fragrance.)

I like the abstractions of macro photography. Getting into that secret, hidden world normal eyesight does not detect, is fascinating. Minute details become incredibly beautiful. And, it produces a new way of seeing, creating the desire to look more deeply. An intimate view of the world so easily overlooked.



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