Invasion of the Computer Snatchers

Unless you build a computer from the ground up, you can expect to find software and applications on your new one that you don’t want.  Having just bought a new laptop, I expected this, but was pleasantly surprised to find I needed to get rid of only a few things.  These included McAfee anti-virus software and MS Office in a sampler format.  There were others, too, but I did not spend hours hunting and uninstalling from the control panel in Windows.  I have spent hours doing this in the past – maybe companies are getting wise, or there is just less stuff out there needing to be pre-installed because of our ability to connect so easily to the internet to get what we want.


The problem lies in software being forced on you, piggybacked onto the “free” stuff you like to have.  Utilities, software, whatever, often come with applications that you don’t want at all.  Some are easy enough to remove, others are insidiously difficult.  Even if you are careful, checking off boxes to prevent programs from being installed, some creep in.  Constant vigilance!  At times, even uninstalling a program that inserts itself into your browser does not remove it.  Checking off “do not use” in your browser preferences doesn’t get rid of its hijacking your preferred home page.

One of the worse offenders is AVG.  It’s a search engine.  ASK is easy to get rid of, but AVG, no matter what I did and how I searched for cures to get it out of Chrome, I couldn’t.  The simplest solution was to uninstall Chrome, being sure to save my “whatevers” it asked I wanted saved, and then reinstall Chrome.  Problem solved – but it can return if I find something else I like that is “free.”

One program that has really helped is Revo Uninstaller.  You can find it www.  There is a freeware version, too.  I came across it in my searches on how to get rid of AVG, and while I had already uninstalled AVG at the control panel, and uninstalled Chrome, I have the free version onboard, and will use it whenever I try something new.

Freeware producers create some great things!  Avast antivirus is one.  VLC media player is another.  Other programs I download from online include Auslogics Disk Defrag, Adblocker, Faststone, Foxit Reader, Photoscape, and of course the different browsers.  Freeware does require work on someone’s part, and donations are always welcomed by these people.  I bought a license to Opera 3.12 umpty-ump years ago because I found it worth my while – and now it is free.  And, I still use it – the newest iteration, of course.

So, I am dithering around with crapware and bloatware I don’t want, getting rid of things as I install things I want.  I think I reinstalled Chrome at least three times on the laptop, but soon enough, I will have the critter where I want it, and can be done.  Then it will be time to move onto other things far more interesting to me.



2 thoughts on “Invasion of the Computer Snatchers

  1. Douglas Smith

    I like Avast! and VLC media playrer also. Spent alot of time getting Ask off my browser.

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