3 + 6

Three colors used to create six spheres. I think they are oranges or lemons or something.

Colors are Daniel Smith New Gamboge, Winsor Newton Alizarin Crimson, and Graham Phthalo Blue.

Everything was done with glazes.


Some glazes were pure color, others were mixed colors.


Some were more successfully done than others. Some shadows are pretty nice. Some of the fruits are nice. Some are pretty bad.


I used three primaries, and got greens and oranges and purples. I created some mud. I had to be patient.


At times, I let the paper sit, and watched granulation occur. Other times I rolled the paper around to get colors to blend more evenly. On a few occasions, I lifted out pigment with a slightly damp brush in an attempt to make a smooth transition of colors in different areas.


And when I ate up all the white highlights I had left, a few even got a touch of Chinese white. A no-no, but had to be tried.


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