First of all, apologies for the big copyright in the middle of the pictures, but hopefully it will act as a deterrent to theft.  Probably not.

Leaves 2

That said, I have been working a lot on just thinking about painting, and how to do it without creating a big mess.  Patience and mindfulness and focus are necessary.  These are not my virtues.

Nude Study

I’ve been looking at videos, re-reading books, and reviewing palettes and formulae for colors.  I have also been working on drawing and brushwork.  Sumi-e does help, as the movement of the brush, even with color, still plays an important part in creating a painting.


There are other tools for painting as well.  I used some watercolor pencils for fine lines, as seen in the onion.  I used pencil drawing to lay the foundation of the nude.


Some progress has been made.


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