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A Look Back

March 9, 2013


When things get a little crazy, time to do things gets really tight.  In between, then, is when anything creative gets done, sandwiched in the minute here and there.


I’ve been going through my photos of the past few years.  Last February I went to the beach with a friend, and we spent the day taking pictures along the shore, then moved to the section which abuts the city of Ventura.  It was a clear day with a brisk, damp wind.


A lot of the pictures were really bad, but the fun thing is to look at them again.  I’ve changed, and my mood of the moment is different, but I love the memories of that day and how pictures can evoke a given point in my life.  My approach to photography is also different, as is my current taste in post-processing.


So, here are a few for your perusal. Enjoy, but please don’t steal.

the crabNMD_3359-20130309-082710

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