In Which I Have a Cold and Knit a Sweater

Sweater Sleeve

This past week has seen me seriously down with a cold – out of a 5 day work week, only 2 days had me visible at all!  I started getting it a week ago today, and knowing how awful the cold could be – the other half came down with it the week before – I decided I had better figure out something to do with myself.  I decided to make myself a sweater.  And I am glad I did make that decision early on in the game because, had I not, I would have just watched TV all day long and felt horribly unproductive.  Even sick, I just don’t like blobbing around.  So, in between aspirin and decongestants, sleeping and sneezing and shivering, I knit up a sweater and watched Engregages, but with English subtitles.  Interestingly, I could understand a lot of the French by the time I watched all the episodes available on Netflix.


One of the things that has been haunting me in the world of knitting is my abundance of half-finished projects, meaning things that need a bit of thought.  Being sick, thinking is one of the last things I wanted to do.  The project needed to be interesting, fast, and simple.  The solution was an Icelandic-style sweater.  I dug out my Lopi pattern books, and looked at  Ravelry, and finally decided on a pattern – which I modified to a degree – and colors.  White, light grey, dark grey, black.  Contrast.

Sweater Neckline

The yarn is a fuzzy acrylic because I had it on hand.  Using US 8 and 10.5 needles, the sweater had a gauge of 3.5 sts / inch.  Once that was established, the rest was easy.  And, in exactly 7 days, my sweater is completed, finished, ends woven in, washed, and ready to wear.  It fits pretty nicely, too, but my grafting skills are not what they used to be . . . so I won’t show you the underarm seams.

Sweater with Pattern Book

If you have the book shown, Volume 17, the pattern is based upon sweaters 19 and 20, with some modifications to the last 2 pattern rounds.

To say the least, I’m feeling pretty smug!


3 thoughts on “In Which I Have a Cold and Knit a Sweater

  1. If you ever need more patterns or yarn, then we are always adding new patterns to our new online store. Looking forward to seeing you there and hopefully you can visit us in Iceland

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