OnOne Perfect Photo Suite 7 is a rather fun program.  Coupled with the book by Nicole Young and training videos from OnOne University, some of the power of the software becomes apparent.

First of all, I am really a novice with this program, and, indeed, with many more sophisticated programs.  Photoshop eludes me, and I am okay with Lightroom, but only because it is pretty easy to putz through.  Layers, though, are another story.  I get the concept of layers quite readily, but how to produce something using layers is the challenge.  This is one reason why I decided to pick up Perfect Photo Suite 7 – it isn’t over the top with what can be done, but provides a really solid set of tools for neophytes.

I began the book at the beginning, reading the first chapter, Getting Started, and the second one, Perfect Layers. I also watched a video or two about layers, and the results are below. For each, I took two pictures, free from the internet and from my own portfolio. I found skies, and put them into the other image by brushing out or in, to show or hide, the underlying layer. Kind of confusing at first, but I got the hang of it.

Layers 1

Layers 2

The above two images worked out okay, and I played a bit with different available in the Layers module. I tried the different “bugs” – they look great, but I need to practice more with them. There are some limitations that I can see, but I expect with experimentation, the bugs, with multiple layers, can be quite powerful.

Layers 3

This image uses Layers, and then the addtion of Effects. If you look closely, you can see that my erasure of the sky was not very good – there are streaks in the clouds! Important point.

So far, I think that Perfect Photo Suite 7 will be very useful. Certainly easier than Photoshop, and probably an excellent starting point. Nicole’s book is clear, but I think some samples of how something is done, with images to use and modify in a step-by-step sequence, would add to the overall strength of her book, and certainly aid the new user in grasping how things are done.


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