Arachne Mittens – Finished at Last!

I designed these mittens last winter, in February. I finally completed the pattern – it’s nice to have some time off to finish things! Also, I admit, sitting in front of the computer to learn photography software is quite a drag, and very frustrating . . . so I pulled out the needles, and have begun to knit again.

I wanted to have solid-colored thumbs on these mittens, and practice carrying long floats at the same time.  It took a bit, and I learned, too, the need to randomize the stranding on the thumbs.  When I didn’t, the yarn got stacked up in rows, and affected the final design.  If you look closely at the picture, I did a boo-boo when I took the picture – you can see the thumb is rather puckered.  The second mitten is much nicer.


The pattern is not too hard to follow, and but for beginners, the stranding may be a bit of a challenge.  The carried yarn makes for warm mittens, and if you start now, you could have a pair for yourself – or a loved one!  – in time for the December holidays.  (Shameless plug, huh . . . )

If you are interested in buying the pattern, you can find them under “My Patterns” page, or find them here on Ravelry.  Cost is $4.00.


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