All for Money

Black Friday.  It begins on Thursday.  At some Walmarts it will be at 8 p.m.  At Sears it is 8 p.m.  Other major retailers are doing all of this, just to bring in the bucks.  To quote a piece from ABC News, “A spokeswoman for Target said that the 9 p.m. opening time was ‘carefully evaluated with out guests, team and the business in mind.’ ”

Ha!  That spokeswoman will not be working on Thanksgiving, nor most likely that Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.  The CEOs of all these corporations will be sitting back with their families, friends, loved ones, whatever, and thinking about how happy they are.  They won’t be thinking about the laborers who provide them with their days off, the minions in the stores.

Me, I don’t work retail, but I have worked in the medical field for years, giving up weekends, nights, and holidays.  However, the ER is important, not Black Friday.

I expect that the fat cats at the top are thankful that they don’t have to work on Thanksgiving.


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