Consistency & Coordination

Pom Pom Girls

Consistency is not something that just happens.  In sports, in the arts, being able to produce consistently requires practice.  Coordination helps, too.

Sometimes it comes about from coordinating outside things – for me, it began with setting up all my photography equipment to default to AdobeRGB.  My camera and my software is now all using it.  I also got a i1 display calibrator, by XRite, which has also made a difference in what I see, and what is produced.

These are things which have nothing to do with my ability to shoot a picture, but more with my ability to produce one with decent color.  It is making a significant difference, and although what I see is subtle in its differences, it is very much there.

With that done, I have since picked up the brush and the needles again, and that feels very good.


One thought on “Consistency & Coordination

  1. virginia lloyd-davies

    Oh, I am deeply impressed, having struggled for weeks over getting RGB photos to convert to CMYK and produce printed images that maintain the lovely rich colors of my paintings. Just look at the red of your Pom Pom Girls! Gorgeous! Do they maintain that color if you convert to CMYK and send to a commercial printer, or do you only print on your own printer and therefore stay in RGB?

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