In 1982 the Chicago area was struck by someone adulterating Tylenol capsules with potassium cyanide.  No one has ever been found guilty – though some were suspected – of this crime which killed several people.  Since then, packaging on pills and foods has been improved for the sake of safety.

I don’t begrudge this at all as being a standard, but I don’t think I need:

  • child proof caps on all prescriptions unless otherwise requested
  • child proof caps on mouth wash
  • child proof caps on dishwasher liquid
  • child proof caps on laundry soap
  • child proof caps on cough syrup

Add to all this “child proof” stuff – which is really annoying – is all the heat-shrunk, heavy plastic, need-50-tons-of-dynamite for:

  • SD cards
  • ink pens
  • flash drives
  • nail scissor
  • head phones

Do I really need to take an axe to something to open these damned containers?


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