Been Gone, With Friends


It’s vacation time – but this has been a stay-cation, with trips hither and yon, and work around the house, and reading, and doing continuing education units.  Not a very exciting time, really.  However, visits with friends and family are always welcome, and just knowing I can sleep in if I want, or stay up late, and just not do anything is a real vacation in and of itself.  I think I would have done more, but every day the weather has been hot and up in the 90s and 100s.  Heat and I do not get along well.

Glenn and the One That Got Away

Weather is certainly changing in our area.  The coast is 20 miles away, and 20 degrees cooler, too, but even along the coastline, where summer fog is the norm, has been clear and warmer than usual.   The trip to Venice Beach should have been welcomingly cool, but it wasn’t.  Last night, in the late afternoon, members of our little photo group met in old town Ventura, which is halfway between Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, and right on the coast.  Here, I could finally cool off.


It is really enjoyable to get together with a bunch of people with similar interests, and in taking pictures, I took some of my fellow photographers.  We also did dinner and dessert, and had a fun time wandering around.

In a few minutes, a friend is coming by for a beer.  We are making smoked pulled pork for dinner, and the smoking is begun.  Another lazy summer day.



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