For the past three weeks I have had a cold, which continues with abandon.  Sore throat,  stuffy nose.  Allergies, too.  Add to this, the SD slot in my camera no longer holds the card, so it is in the shop awaiting parts and repair – probably won’t get it back till mid-July.  Hopefully under warranty, and won’t cost me a couple of C notes.

As a result of this thrilling life, nothing much interests me other than just getting by and getting well.  In my hours of tedium, I’ve been playing with some software, and really pushing pictures to the edge.  Sometimes bad or dull pictures can be made more interesting, but I can tell you right now, some only become far worse.  Here is my example, for your amusement.

Hardly attractive, perhaps interesting.  It opens some creative thought processes as well as makes me wonder if people who are into photography and post-processing images are logical and sequential in knowing what they want for results, or just play around.  I expect those who do specialize in post-processing are very well versed in problems and correcting them – me, I am not, and so just wander around.  I need to sit and focus on such things.  But, I would rather be outdoors . . .


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