Fleece in Hand

Handspinning!  Something I learned years ago.  I have not had anything to put in my fingers of late – knitting is just at a dead standstill for now – and the end result was an awful restlessness which nothing could satisfy.  Thinking, taking pictures, hiking, reading, blobbing, drawing – nothing, but nothing, had it.  Then I looked at my spinning wheel, and went out to the garage where I have some carded fleece stored.  And there was the answer.

Moorit Shetland

A small fleece, carded and ready to spin, was on the garage shelf, stored with lavender.  Below it is a heathery grey one.  Two balls of lace-weight yarn were already spun.  What I am doing now is a bit heavier, but not much, and the two will be plied together for something.  This is true satisfaction!


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