Art in the Garden

The Conejo Valley Botanical Gar4den has on longterm loan seven statues from the Morris B. Squire Art Foundation, a philanthropic nonprofit established by Morris Bear Squire, an artist who lives in Santa Barbara.  A number of them – seven specifically – have been installed throughout the property, and three have been placed in the Kids’ Adventure section.  I have seen two of them, but did not really check them out too much, as I was in pursuit of butterflies.

Statue at the Gate

This is the one right inside the entrance of the garden, and I am rather amused by it.  There is something rather fun about it.  It’s a dreadful photo of it.  The colors are what I like, and now that I look at it a bit more, I recall the leaves at the top also caught my eye.

Sculpture is rather an elusive like-don’t like thing.  For one thing, at home, I think of 3-D art as something needing to be dusted.  Given my aversion to housework, which gets done out of necessity and vanity more than an overwhelming need for cleanliness, that is the first thing that comes to mind.  How can this be easily cleaned?  Solution:  hose it off.

That aside, just having artwork in a garden is always a risk factor.  What is the art, where is it placed, how does it work with the environment?  And then the eternal question of “what is art?”

For now, I have only glanced at this sculpture.  I saw another in the garden I did not like, but that is because there were people in the sculpure, painted on, and rather amateurish.  Snobbery on my part, but the fact is, people do not hold much appeal to me when painted onto a statue.  I glanced at that one and walked on.

Yesterday, the real art in the garden was the garden itself.  I love that place – so many wonderful plants and trees and paths to follow.  Flowers are blooming like crazy, and the butterflies were flitting around.  I sat on a bench, and just watched them.  I have forgotten that beauty of the butterfly because I am too busy running around after other things, not chasing butterflies in the woods like I once did.  There were more Monarch butterflies than any other but I did capture another orange one.

Small Visitor

Yesterday was so much fun – time to look and think and watch and do.  Home, then, to lie in the sun and listen to an audiobook.  Been awhile I have actually done nothing.  And then I even got out my spinning wheel and some dark brown Shetland to spin.


2 thoughts on “Art in the Garden

  1. Love it! And you have good timing— I’ve been assembling an “art and gardens” blog post 🙂

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