That Feeling of Love

There is a sensual quality in art, in the process of doing it, and in the process of thinking about it.  It is this tie-in between the internal world and the external world – the perceived, and the produced.  For me, this is a very critical part of anything I do which is creative – it is akin to falling in love – it is emotive, sexy, exhilarating, dangerous.  It is an altogether sensual experience, not just as in sexy, but in that all of my being melds together in the process of creating.  Today, I felt that in working with pictures I have taken – this means, a part of me “gets it” – and a part of me is now mastering something, a part of me can think about what I want to do, and move toward that vision.  While a keyboard may not produce the same tactile pleasure a brush and paint and ink and paper produce, there is color – always, always color.  Or a lack of color.  There is shape.  There is contrast.  There is mood.  This is love, this is being, this is emotion, this is spirit.


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