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April 7, 2012

I have been pondering just removing this blog from the blogosphere, but haven’t done that.  I have been ignoring it because I am not so sure that it is going in any direction right now.  I am going in some directions, but not necessarily the ones that created the impetus for its existence.  The result is something of a conflict, because I have been “doing” photography for a bit, and ignoring other things I really love.  The fact is, though, photography gets me outdoors more and more, and I have forgotten how much I like that.  Not outdoors at the mall, but outdoors in the wilder parts of town (i.e. places with trees and plants, not crazy drunks!).  Suburbia is sadly lacking in open space at times, and that means actually taking time out to travel and drive somewhere to be outdoors.

On the other hand, photography also means packing things to lug along.  I have always been a minimalist in hobbies.  I don’t like to need a ton of stuff to do anything, but often photography seems to require a few things more than I really want to haul around.  The trade off, though, is producing things that are better than just okay.  I also think I have reached a point where I have a fairly good handle on some of the technical aspects of photography, along with more thought about composition and light, and not just running around pointing and shooting everything I see.

In a nutshell, I have reached a point of dissatisfaction with photography.  That is interesting, don’t you think?  For me it is.  What this means that I am now at a point where it is necessary to push past the do-able to the less do-able.  This may mean making advances in technique.  It also means advances in creativity.  At this point, photography is rather boring.  Sitting at a computer to post process a picture is horribly boring – but useful.  Even that, though,I prefer to keep to a minimum.

For me, the most frustrating part of photography is that it is not as manual as I would like it to be.  Simply put, I like working with my hands.  Cameras are not especially complex when it comes to pushing a button . . . there is not a lot of finesse, as there is in painting.  It is different.  On the other hand, I do get outdoors and crawl around in the bushes.  That is kind of fun.  And I don’t do that when I paint or knit.

The question, here, is what is my vision as a photographer – person – artist – human?  Perhaps by defining my artistic vision I can open the elusive.

So, let me make a start . . .

I want to find the essential and the beautiful in the world around me, whether in nature, in a person, or in an object, whether simple or complex.

Bull?  Let’s see where it goes.


  1. I do miss your sumi-e videos but you may just think about doing it all. Maybe you need variety in what you do. I find I may leave something for a few years but I always go back to it later. You may find the same. Linda

  2. Linda – I think you have hit the nail on the head. I always return to things I really like, even when I do leave them for awhile. Maybe I need to pick up a brush, along with the knitting needles, and now, the camera. Maybe schedule things to return them to a part of my life. Thanks! -N

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