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An Afternoon in Thought

With sensing a bit of accomplishment in the field of photography, it is beginning to take a place for me in the world of creativity.  I am beginning to see what I could not see before.  This ability to relate to … Continue reading

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That Feeling of Love

There is a sensual quality in art, in the process of doing it, and in the process of thinking about it.  It is this tie-in between the internal world and the external world – the perceived, and the produced.  For … Continue reading

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Spring flowers are full of color, and the bulbs are the shortest-lived and most cheerful. Sitting still is hard.   It feels good to hold a pencil.  

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Long Boats & Nyckelharpa

This morning I wandered over to the Scandinavian Festival at the local college.  It was not big and noisy, but rather small and quaint, and probably not as busy today as yesterday.  As with every cultural fair, there were things … Continue reading

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I have been pondering just removing this blog from the blogosphere, but haven’t done that.  I have been ignoring it because I am not so sure that it is going in any direction right now.  I am going in some … Continue reading

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In the Family

I have an amazing sister-in-law.  She was one of the top winners in More magazine’s search last year, and now she is in the LA Times ad for the Festival of Books at the University of Southern California. That’s is … Continue reading

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