Hangin’ Out

Today is the end of my brother’s trip from Wisconsin.  He and his wife will be flying back tonight.  My sister has already gone back to Colorado.

This has been a wonderful week filled with meeting new people, doing things, revisiting, seeing family not seen for awhile.  I’ve forgotten how nice it is to be around family – at least mine, as it is spread all over the place.  My husband’s family is local, so we see them, and they are wonderful, too.  How nice to like the people who are relatives!

Yesterday, Josh, Kevin (bro), Suzi (SIL), Christine and her children, Alex and Riley (nieces and nephew) all went to the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley, CA.  I’ve never paid to look at the museum, but it was really worth it.  The exhibits about Reagan were well done, and gave a good insight into his life and development into a political character.  Personal aspects, such as his relationship with Nancy, his wife, were fun.  Nancy herself seems to have a rather wicked sense of humor because of a her “second hand Rose” outfit and the song she sang, in response to criticism about her perceived extravagances.  (Click on the picture below to see the entire photo.)

Air Force 1, from Reagan’s time, is also housed on the property, in a vast hangar.  Really rather impressive.

There is also an exhibit about George Washington, with many artifacts of his time, as well a lot about his life.  Below are place settings of silver, crystal and china actually used by Washington.

Then, off to dinner and home.


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