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March 20, 2012

Spring break, and various family members have left Wisconsin and Colorado and traveled to SoCal to enjoy our unusually chilly weather – 42 F!  It’s been party time, catch up time, fun time.  Here and there, some time to do other things, time to get out, veg out, eat out, cook and play.  Tonight, Josh has class . . . and I am home alone!

I’ve gotten so used to being warm that 42 F seems pretty cold, but it really isn’t.  And it is not especially damp.  It is kind of like going into the pool – toe first, then slow immersion, or just that shocking dive into the deep end.  Once outside, though, I am just fine!  So, today, with time alone, I went out to the local botanical gardens, camera and tripod in hand.  Flowers and trees in bloom, bunnies running around, and lizards basking in the sun.  I met local people, and people from Canada and Japan.  Nice way to spend a morning.

Tonight . . . I could learn a few things, like read a book on some technical element of Photoshop, but what I really want to do is pull out a brush and paper . . .

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