There is nothing like good friends and family to keep one sane.  People who love you will take you with all your faults and warts.  There are people I love, and who love me.  However, though this love may seem boundless, it needs to also be respected – everyone has their limits, and when those limits are pushed too far, that love can end, and it can be painful to both sides.  The question occurs as to whether or not that love can be restored.

Years ago I once read that love grows out of pity.  While I did not, and still do not, like that idea, it does have a certain element of truth. Pity can induce compassion, which can lead to connection, which can lead to love.  Love, though, is quite intangible and hard to define.  And you can love someone, and not like them.  Or love them, and hate what they have done.  Somewhere, though, is that limit which, once lost, is hard or impossible to retrieve.

Trespasses occur everyday.  Manners help assuage the incursion.  But when is it okay to lay into someone?  When is it okay to tell someone off in no uncertain terms?  I think for most of us, it can be very difficult to do, but others seem to spend their lives simply telling people off.  Routinely vexatious people are to be avoided – but sometimes the ones you love are also vexatious, out of thoughtlessness, need, whatever.  And they need to be told . . .


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