Learning Curve

I have some nice software for photography.  Some is intuitive and easy to use.  Some is free.  Some I have paid for, and have been able to navigate with a fair amount of comfort.  However, Photoshop CS5 has proved to be none of the above because it is such a complicated and sophisticated program.

Not having time nor interest in classes, that leaves me with mucking around or doing internet classes or reading.  I’ve got one book which is fantastic by Martin Evening, complete with DVD and lessons.  However, what I have been wanting is one simply focused on layers.  Layers are an essential part of CS5, but rather confusing because of the many things that can be done in a layer, to a layer, with a layer, and in the layers panel itself.  Last weekend, down at the local bookstore, I found a couple of books which caught my interest, one on flower photography, and another specific to layers in CS5, by Matt Kloskowski.

Layers, to me, means using acetate and transparencies, because I am from the pre-computer days and am used to rubylith and light tables and wax and the darkroom.  I am not illiterate, either, in the computer world, but I am lazy in the learning world!  As a result, this book is probably going to be able to open a lot of doors into this software I have not explored.

Another software I really like is from Nik. It is Silver Efex 2, specifically designed for black and white photography. I have tried a few of their other products, which are also good, so I ordered their Complete Collection, and it includes Silver Efex, Viveza, HDR, Color Efex, and Sharpener.

The Complete Collection should arrive today.  I have enough to keep me out of trouble for awhile.


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