Knitting Day

With this being a three day weekend, I’ve actually been “chillin out” quite a bit.  Yesterday, did the grocery run, and then started swatching for a sweater I will be making Josh.  It turns out he is more sensitive to wool, unless it is highly processed, than we thought.  The wool I planned to use was too much for him, which is unfortunate, as it is from a fleece I bought.  Really soft wools are not, in my opinion, meant for an overall sweater with heavy wear, so we decided to check out KnitPicks new line in acrylic, Brava.  We chose the worsted weight.  The package came yesterday, and it is actually pretty nice – soft, good twist, and the color we chose is called “currant” – the shade of dark, red wine.  Texture shows up well, it doesn’t feel plasticky -why do some acrylics just feel so dreadful??? – and hasn’t demonstrated any tendency to split unless I jab a needle into the ply.  Because the yarn is dark, texture and fancy cables are not going to be highly noticeable.  My swatch is rather large, with multiple patterns in it.  I measured it before I threw it in the wash with a couple of towels and a quilt.  I’ll measure it when it comes out of the dryer, check the feel of it, and how it looks.

In other knitting arenas, I have mittens to finish, a hat to write up and possibly a pair of socks, and my own pullover to finish.  Admittedly, like the dogs in Up!, I get easily distracted.  Photography has been taking up a lot of my time this past year, and while it is fun and enjoyable, challenging and a learning experience, there is always something to be said for old friends.  Knitting is one of them.  So is painting.  However, often the drawback to these last two is the fact that they can be too solitary (which I enjoy) and are done indoors.  The photography is great for that, and has gotten me off my tuckus and out in the fresh air.

So the plan for the day, once the bills are done, is to begin designing the sweater Josh has so patiently awaited.  I know what I want to do as far as the overall design, but the final touches are the important element.  I like the idea of texture, but not a lot that will be lost in a dark yarn and end up feeling like a wasted endeavor.  As it is a cardigan, I want a shawl collar.  Not sure about the button situation yet; my inclination is to do a crocheted edge, or an i-cord binding, with loops for buttonholes and toggles.  Pockets may be patch, but I am rather drawn to slash pockets – for these I need to pull out some of my “how to” books, such as the Vogue knitting book, or Montse Stanley, or Deborah Newton.  The entire pattern will be done in one piece, with raglan sleeves, and with as little sewing as possible.

And I will have some company – Jack Reacher is standing by!



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