Non Loqui Sed Facere*

January in California is an odd month, almost a season unto itself. Winter’s subtleties become a bit more apparent – a warm day with a tantalizing breeze – and then a cold, drear gloom with a dampness for which we are never prepared in our dry climate. Today is a perfect example – the morning had a hint of warmth, and now it is cloudy and cool. The birds are happily chirping away – no mockingbirds, yet – more so than normal – the spring hormones are beginning to flow!

Me, I get restless. I want to throw things away, wipe my hard drive, dump messages from five years ago by hitting the trashcan icon in my email.

I’ve begun the process of getting rid of stuff. And while getting rid of stuff, whether virtual or real, is what I am doing, it also means getting rid of unfinished things cluttering my life. Knitting projects. Writing projects. Reading projects. Photography projects. Gardening projects. Household projects. Essentially, the “to do” list haunting my life!

Obviously, I have to pick and choose. Some are really fun, like listening to a book and knitting. Others are more onerous, such as chucking out 90% of the garage. Some take planning and time, and patience to accomplish, and perhaps lay a foundation for future endeavors.

Whatever it is, when I take the time to slow down and contemplate all of it – irksome, delightful – I appreciate the fact of simply being here to do them. Not all is drudgery, and the moments when something has an essence of the connection with the universe, it becomes all that more valuable. Often I wonder what life is – how we define death – but in the end, it is always in the doing.


*not talk but action


2 thoughts on “Non Loqui Sed Facere*

  1. I don’t normally read blogs – time being one factor. However I do enjoy yours and I feel as if it’s the kind of thing I would have written if I had bothered to….keep on trucking….and as you say it’s in the doing that we are. Arriverderci.

  2. Thanks for stopping by. Talk is always cheap, but it is a way of working things out as well because it is a process. At least for me it is! That dialog between people is very important, as is the choice to take action – or not take action.

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