V is for . . .

. . . Very!

As in busy.

Since the New Year, I have been caught up in doing things that I have not done for a while.  One is to sit down with a book to read.  Usually, I knit along to an audio book.  I’ve also pulled out a brush and ink and watercolors – but they are still staring at me on my desk.  I want time for those, but they sit there, friendly reminders.  I’ve also got some knitting projects to write up, and one that I am working on.  Getting a couple of new old lenses, manual focus, for a few bucks, have also taken up some time.  Josh and I have also started walking every night – or almost every night – when he is done with work, and that has been enjoyable.  We’ve gone a mile in about 12 minutes sometimes, so I’m rather impressed with us.  Walking is becoming a nice break between the workaday world and the evening.  At work, catching up on this and that.  Not bad at all!


4 thoughts on “V is for . . .

  1. Lori

    that’s really beautiful — a mitten I assume — i love the green and white! and it’s so nice to find something to enforce that work/home divide, i know what you mean. all the better that it’s good for you, too.

  2. -N- Post author

    Thanks for the comment on the mitten – as a mitten it is! And the walk is a good divide – I usually kick back and close my eyes, just to slow it all down. Walking is great at t his time of year as the sunsets are beautiful. And the weather is cool. And so on! Nice to see you came to visit! -N

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