Out with the Old!

Happy New Year!

Another year, one which we all hope will be more positive on the news front, the employment front, economic front, and whatever front needs improving.

And, of course, with the change of the year, come reflection and resolution.  And gratitude.

In the upcoming year, there are things which both need to be done, and want to be done.  On the “need” list is to get certain things under control, and under the “want” list are things I want to do!  Well, the “need” list can stay in the background, but the “want” list is more fun.  So, what do I want?

  • more outdoor activities
  • more peaceful times
  • more visits with friends and family
  • more creative time set aside for painting, photography, writing, knitting, designing
  • more creative cooking

Outdoors . . . 

What can I do here?  I can take a walk at lunch or after work.  I can go to the park or find a trail.  I can make an effort to keep on the move – at least for part of the evening.  And on weekends.  I can get the other half involved as well (ha!) – if I’m lucky!

Peace . . .

Quiet time, time to meditate, time to focus on slowing down, no matter what the craziness of the day.

Family & Friends . . .

So easy to take for granted . . . and resent, too, for obligations that some put upon us.  Not quite sure what I want to do here, but I think some things can be improved.  Maybe an attitude change?

Creativity . . .

All too often, I get so worn out with work that I forget the need to be creative.  It is too easy to stare at the internet or plop down in front of the TV.  I need to set aside time to do the things I really love – and often ignore because I am too tired.  I wonder, though, if I just do and not think about how tired I am – mentally, physically, spiritually – if there will be a healing quality in the activity.

Cooking . . .

Creative cooking to make more healthful meals -more vegetables and fruit and less fat.  Simple cooking to make it do-able.

Whatever . . . 

Talk is cheap.  Let’s see what happens.




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