A Bowl, A Brush

Yesterday a friend who is a potter came over.  I’ve only known her a short time, but she is one of those people you like the minute you meet, and like even more as time goes by.  She brought some of her work to show me.  For some reason the term “organic” is the only way I can describe her pottery – it is earthy and elegant at the same time, and seems to be perfect for the clay.  I liked what I saw.

The point of the visit was sort of show-and-tell.  You show me yours, I’ll show you mine.     She wanted to learn about sumi-e and brush work so she can apply it to her pottery.  For me, this was a much-needed diversion from the technology of photography and post-processing software.  It also motivated me to dig out a rather large supply of brushes I have from Japan, bought for resale.  And it reminded me of just how peaceful it is to ink up a stone, and take the time to do something with my hands other than pushing around a mouse, doing dishes, or whatever.

She is a lefty.  The movements I find difficult are easy for her, and vice versa.  Together, we went through a bit of paper, tried out different brushes, and have agreed to do some more of this.  She left with a stone and ink, a mosen, and a package of sulphite paper.  I got a bowl and the reminder to move away from the computer.  Maybe I will make some pottery with her at some time.


4 thoughts on “A Bowl, A Brush

  1. OOOOhhh Do you have good brushes to sell? I am looking for a combination brush that isn’t large and isn’t big. My instructor had one and I loved it and she doesn’t know where to get it as it was years ago and a friend gave it to her. She did landscape with it and I would say it about 1 1/2 inches long and I remember combination. It was sort of full. Not like an orchid bamboo but fuller. Hope that is a good description. ANyway pottery is more fun. Your sumi-e would be wonderful on it. I would definitely give it a try. Thanks for any help. Linda Spreen

  2. Linda – leave me a post here about what you might be looking for specifically, and a way to contact you If you post a message here, your email will be seen, as you have already posted comments and been approved. I do have some brushes that are mixed and I think they would be good for landscape – nice points – but thinner and shorter. I can send you more info and prices. I have about 20 types of brushes. –Naomi

  3. I am looking for a mixed brush. I think about 1.75to 2 inches. One that you could squiggle up and just push down for some interesting brush strokes. If you want to call it a stroke. Maybe just a light push down stroke. I think it was mainly brown colored hair as it was mixed but I don’t know what kind of hair. Hope this explains what i am looking for in a brush. If you don’t have one like that you could explain a couple of them and the price and I could see if it sounds like something I could use. Right now I am in Mesa AZ and can’t find a good sumi-e teacher. I might have to drive to California to find one unless you know of one. Thanks for your help. Linda

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