48 years ago today, I was in the gym, crawling around on the floor, playing kick volleyball with all the kids in my class.  It was cold and snowy outdoors in upstate New York, if I recall properly.  For some reason, the teacher, Miss Viviani, walked out and then in.  She said, “The President has been shot.”  Minutes later she did the same, and came back to announce, “The President is dead.”

The loss of President Kennedy was a terrible event, one which I believe marked a tragic downturn in American history and politics.

The world is so very different today, and so very much the same. I’m no longer a kid in elementary school. President Kennedy’s family is grown, some gone; there are grandchildren. People I know have died, had children, have grandchildren. Time continues, and our own little space – shared with billions – is just as important as national events and crises.

Cherish what you have, as it will be gone far too soon.


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