Tumalo Creek

Outside of Bend, Oregon, is Tumalo Creek and Falls.  We went there on our last night in Oregon, before heading home.  It was a spontaneous trip, so I just threw the camera bag in the car, not taking a tripod.  I should have as the light was fading quite rapidly.  Everything I did was handheld, or precariously propped up on a railing.

There is always something about blurred water in photography that attracts me.  I can hear the water by looking at it.  This blur, in contrast to sharp silhouettes of trees or plants against the water, is always an eye-catcher.

None of these pictures particularly pleased me.  I was using the Tokina 11-16, which is a very wide-angled lens.  These are far harder to use well than what you might think.  Composition is really difficult.  At the falls, it was particularly difficult because of the perspective and falling light.  There were a couple of other photographers there – with tripods! – who probably did a much better job than I did.

Pulling these out, a couple of months after our trip, I did a bit of cropping and other post-processing, but mostly I was considering the composition, and how a poorly composed picture may be improved by judicious cropping.  Not so sure if it worked, but what I did learn was a little more about composition!  Cropping something into a square is far more challenging than a rectangle . . .


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