Oh, yawn . . .

I have really not been interested in looking at computers, being indoors, thinking, or writing.  The end of summer and beginning of autumn always puts me in a restless, unfocused mood.  Not a bad thing, if I just let it happen.  It’s a hibernation of sorts.  Then, life gets interesting again.

School was closed today, so I decided that as I have a birthday coming up, it was time to take the drive to downtown L.A., into the heart of Hollywood and environs, to venture to Calumet Photography for some lighting equipment.  The Nikon Hit Man came along.  We spent some money – but not a lot because we bought the Calumet brand – and came away with some very solid stuff for very little.  I had wonderful help from a beautiful, friendly woman, and she really made a confusing experience (for someone who has never bought this stuff) a pleasant and educational experience.

Here are the pictures I took after setting it all up in the living room.  Take a look – me, I’m going outside to read, and maybe take a nap!


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