For the Solstice

Summer is here, and with it comes an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables.  Temperatures rise during the day, and the desire for food with heat goes along with it.  Easy to make, fresh, and with pleasant amount of heat, homemade pico de gallo is just the answer!

Pico de Gallo

8-10 fresh medium-sized tomatoes
1 bunch cilantro / coriander
2 limes
2 jalapeno peppers
1 small white onion or 10-15 green onions
pinch salt

Chop up the tomatoes, put into acid-proof bowl with lid. Add the cilantro, plucking the leaves off the stems (takes patience!). Squeeze limes, chop onions fine, and jalapenos. Mix all ingredients; set to mellow at least an hour before serving.

Great with chicken, in burritos, on tacos, in a salad. Vary the heat with the number of jalapenos you use, as well as onion.



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