Here, chick, chick, chick!

I’m in a mood for simple food, made from scratch, that is satisfying, will last a few days, and is easy to do.  Specifically, hummus!  There are some really great store brands available, but now and again, just getting in touch with the process of making it adds to the experience.

Where I live, we are fortunate to have access to some stores with a wide variety of foods and culinary focal points, such as Mexican, Middle Eastern, and Asian.  We also have local farmers’ markets and organic food delivery services, whether through co-ops or Whole Foods.  And, of course, we have chain stores, such as Vons, or Trader Joe’s.

As we are heading out to different neighborhoods nearby and in the Valley (as in San Fernando, as in Valley Girl Land) for beer-making supplies, we will also pick up some goodies to make homemade hummus.  And, while wandering around the net in search of hummus recipes, I came across this totally delightful video about chick peas – more well-known locally as garbanzo beans.


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