Cost vs. Benefit

In medicine, treatment is often considered on a cost vs. benefit to the patient. If the patient benefits overall, the cost of the treatment – financially, emotionally, physically – may be worth it. What might be beneficial at 25 may not be seen as such from the age of 75.

There are people in this world who add to the quality of our lives by who they are and what they do. Everyone of us has someone who has given to us far more than we can ever repay. This can be in terms of support, nurturance, friendship, and so many other ways the list would be endless. In our turn, we give to others, and we will never know how much we have given them simply because measuring such things is impossible.

There are also people who do nothing but take, demand, and take some more. There is no thought about the damage they inflict; many seem to enjoy inflicting it. These people are destructive. They are severely damaged, whether because of what they have experienced, inherited as body chemistry, or have done to themselves. The benefit of such people is learning to recognize them, but the cost of learning it may be far greater than the benefit. But, without these evil, psychological vampires, we would not be able to appreciate the good!

This is where those who have given us gifts – and who still give to us – are of such great benefit. Their support is a community of good. Small gifts, such as a pat on the back, are far larger than their physical appearance. They sustain and nurture.

At times, when the going is difficult, a conscious consideration of the good vs. the evil around is necessary. It is also a challenge. The cost of evil is great – but the benefit in learning about it and recognizing our blessings can far exceed the turmoil evil creates.


2 thoughts on “Cost vs. Benefit

  1. lori

    boy do i get this. very luckily, the ratio is far more good to bad, even though the bad can wreak SO much devastation. i’m off to hug the ones around me who help me along (including a mental blog hug to you!).

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